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With The Driving Genie

The time has come for you to learn to drive and pass your driving test, once you have your full driving licence in your hand we promise your life will not be the same again. There is nothing wrong with public transport, but there is nothing like jumping in your own car under your own head of steam. Not long after passing the test and buying your first car, you will never be at home. Any opportunity to drive to see friends, go to the drive-thru or weekend road trips and you will take it, but before all that lets get thinking about driving schools in Swindon.

learner at The Driving GenieYou will have already discovered there are lots of driving schools in Swindon but who are you going to choose? Now that is a tough decision because they all look very similar – right? And there is little information out there to guide you, so here at Driving Genie we are going to grant you three wishes.

Wish 1 – If you are not 100% happy with your driving lesson and you want to finish working with Driving Genie we will hand you your money back for your last lesson. It’s our way of reassuring you with top quality driving tuition.

Wish 2 – For your driving instructor to always be on time. So if we are going to be late, we will pull over in a safe place and send you a text message or give you a call, if we are more than 15 minutes late you do not pay for the first hour.

Wish 3 – You would love to pass your driving test at the first attempt, and if that does not happen after following our training program we will pay for or cover the cost of your next driving test. We know we are a great driving school and we have excellent pass rates, and this is our way of proving our excellent standards to you. Please see our training program for more details.

We also understand you may not be the same as all learners so Driving Genie goes that one stage further by making lessons to suit your needs, and when you are looking for driving schools in Swindon this is what you need.

The Driving Genie is delighted to announce a special agreement with local car dealership Fish Bros. (Toyota)
When you pass your test with The Driving Genie. You will be presented with a special £500 promotional voucher which can be used at Fish Bros. (Toyota) in Swindon.

Beginner Lessons
Assuming you have never driven before or you consider yourself an absolute beginner this is the ideal course for you. Soon we will have you driving and finding your own feet. It will not be long before you are whizzing around town, being in total control, feeling confident and preparing for your driving test.

Semi Skilled Lessons

You have already hit the road and started to learn how to drive – great!
But now you need the right driving school in Swindon to help you finish off the start you have made and what you do not have in mind is taking a beginners course. Our Semi Skilled Lessons pick up where you left off, helping you save time and money getting your driving licence.

Lessons for Nervous Pupils
You would be surprised to know just how many people contact us or inform us on the first lesson they are nervous about driving, and it is totally natural to feel that way. You were not designed to travel at 70MPH! So take our course with our friendly and relaxed instructors who will soon get you in control and feeling great about driving.

Driving Test SOS
Eeeeek! For some reason you have somehow failed your driving test a few times with another driving school and you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders. You know what, it’s a tough place to be in but we have got the perfect remedy for you and do you know what? The reason why you are failing is probably not even your fault.

Late Test Cancellation
This is a special course for people who have a practical test booked, you have phoned other driving schools in Swindon and you can’t get anyone to help you go to the test.

Here at Driving Genie all of our lessons are tailored to your needs. We’ll help you get your driving licence and all the freedom and enjoyment which comes with it, all you need to do is phone us now!