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Beginner Driving Lessons In Swindon
By The Driving Genie

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With The Driving Genie

On your first driving lesson you will be driving and you are going to end your lesson wanting more and more. Learning to drive is so much fun and at Driving Genie you will not remain a beginner for long, in fact one of your first aims is to have the skills to be able to drive home, and that’s when you start to see everything fall into place.

The first lesson itself will not start outside of your home, we’ll take you to a quiet area, free from traffic so you can concentrate on the road ahead and the basic controls of the car. Soon you will be driving, the first routine is called moving off and stopping and it’s a major stepping stone to passing your test.

Moving off and stopping sounds pretty easy, and it is, however there are some really important safety features you will be taught and they are fundamental to getting your driving licence,
There are four aspects we are going to cover.

1. Keeping to the Highway Code
2. Watching out for hazards
3. Being in control of the car
4. Wanting to be a safe driver.

So on this first skill and first lesson you will use those 4 aspects and you will incorporate them into every single skill and lesson. Soon we will have you whizzing around Swindon as a safe driver, ready to show the examiner you have what it takes to be awarded a full driving licence.

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