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Driving Test Rescue
By The Driving Genie

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By The Driving Genie

Have you been with a driving school and been failing your driving test?
For a lot of people at first we can blame the instructor, but deep down we realise it’s our own fault…but hold on….what if failing really is not your fault at all?

The driving test is not designed to create failures, it is designed to make sure you can drive safe, so surely you are a safe driver before you go to the driving test right? Or are there situations where you could get caught out?

Sadly, there are driving instructors who will “give you a go”, and there are some who just do not know how to help you to learn. Driving a car is not like sitting a GCSE at school, you don’t memorise things and repeat them. In fact you are challenged and have to find out the results, that’s what safe driving is. It’s about being prepared for anything, and taking the right course of action.

People do not fail because they were driving too fast, you are failed on the technicality but why were you driving to fast, why didn’t you check your mirrors, who didn’t you wait? Etc. The “why” is exactly why you are failing and the answer is simple, you have not been given the skills to appreciate and evaluate your own driving, and that is how Driving Genie will help you get your driving licence.

It is true that driving faults create a test fail, but you have to understand why faults occur. If you can’t recognise faults, you are not going to be able to correct them and that is why you fail and that is also the reason why it is not your fault.

Ok, some people do fail a test, it’s called life and maybe you had a bad day at the office, it happens. But to fail twice, three times, four or more…then that’s the training. You are not understanding it, or you are limited by it and you need our Driving Test Rescue Course.

Around 50% of people are failing their driving test so this course is very popular and you do need to check for availability. If you have a test booked already and it’s within the next 2 weeks you will need our late test cancellation program. Contact us now.