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Driving With Baby
By The Driving Genie

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You Can BRING YOUR BABY ON BOARD With The Driving Genie

Driving Genie know exactly what it is like to have children and for some learner drivers with children especially young ones, it can be really difficult to find someone to look after your children when you go out and learn…until now.
This is what we refer to as our creche course, if you want to learn to drive and you can’t get a baby sitter then bring your child on the lesson. We do have a range of baby seats but it will be ideal if you have one we can use. Assuming you have your own seat for your child the lesson will start with you putting the seat in correctly.

Having a child and fitting a seat into a car can be very stressful, especially if your little boy or girl is upset and crying….this is really important because driving when feeling stressed is not a good thing to do, but many of us don’t have a choice, so let’s learn right now, after all you are in the best place.

Now as most parents will be thinking, what about nappy changes? What if my child really needs me and I have to stop the car? That’s all fine, it is a part of life and makes for great training.
If you want to learn to drive and you need to bring along your baby then give Driving Genie a call.