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Late Test Cancellation
By The Driving Genie

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Late Test Cancellation With The Driving Genie

You will have noticed by now it is very difficult to find a driving school in Swindon who is prepared to take you on a driving test in the next couple of weeks. The problem you have is availability and the schools are concerned you may not be ready. They do not want their car crashed or to gain a bad reputation by putting in people for their test who are not ready and unsafe.

Our late test cancellation program is a VIP service, we created the course because we know there are many legitimate learners and depending upon availability we can look to assist you.

There are 3 parts to the lest test cancellation program.

1. An initial appraisal to your driving ability and this is done over the phone. You’ll be asked about your level of experience, the number of lessons you had and a thorough check of your learning history.

2. You will have 2 training sessions each consisting of 2 hours taken as soon as possible. You will have to convince the driving instructor you are a safe driver, in fact the sessions will include a mock test which you will have to prove you can drive independently.

3. If you have demonstrated you are a safe driver capable of driving without assistance you will be permitted to take the car to the driving test.

This is a very in demand course, please phone today for prices, availability and to check suitability.
it, all you need to do is phone us now!