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An "all you need to know" course turning the absolute novice into a driving star ready to pass.

Part Trained

Absolutely no need for you to start from the beginning as we help you pick up where you left off ...

Driving Test Rescue

Failed you test at another school? Perhaps it wasn't your fault after all? Re-code your driving so you can pass.

Confidence Building

A program of driving lessons putting you in the driving seat, making you feel comfortable and in control.

Driving Lessons In Swindon Pass Your Test

Is the best offer by a driving school in Swindon?

About The Driving Genie Driving School

Our aim is to give the best possible quality of service and assistance to our customers in all aspects of Learning to Drive, from advising you on how to apply for your provisional driving licence, studying and passing the Theory Test, preparing you to pass your driving test and driving safely for life to onward learning, offering Pass Plus or Motorway driving lessons. Our mission is to help you achieve your WISH of passing your driving test and becoming a full licence holder.

Learning to drive is so exciting and you are so close to being able to drive all by yourself. Imagine the holidays, the road trips...just think about being able to stay in bed an extra 30 minutes because you don't need to rely on bus timetables to get you from A2B.

We have helped many happy people with their driving lessons in Swindon, and you can be next. Just take a look at these fantastic testimonials!

Vikki has many years of customer service experience and is a Fully Qualified ADI (Approved Driving Instructor) in the driving industry. We have the knowledge, experience and will help provide a custom, personal service to our customers whether you are a total beginner to qualified driver, nervous driver or just needing refresher lessons, we have the skills and expertise to help.


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Passing 1st Time.

The time has come for you to learn to drive and pass your driving test, once you have your full driving licence in your hand we promise your life will not be the same again.

There is nothing wrong with public transport, but there is nothing like jumping in your own car under your own head of steam. Not long after passing the test and buying your first car, you will never be at home.

Any opportunity to drive to see friends, go to the drive-thru or weekend road trips and you will take it, but before all that lets get thinking about driving schools in Swindon.

3 Genie WISHES.

Wish 1 – If you are not 100% happy with your driving lesson we will hand you your money back for your last lesson. It’s our way of reassuring you with top quality driving tuition.

Wish 2 – For your instructor to always be on time. So if we are going to be delayed we'll contact you. and if we're more than 15 minutes late you don't pay for the 1st hour.

Wish 3
 –  You want to pass your test 1st time, and if you some how fail after following our training program we'll cover the cost of your next test. We can help you pass first time!
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When Is It Your Turn To Pass

A small selection of successful students

Nisha Prosser - Passed 1st Time

Alex Francis - Passed 1st Time

driving lessons in Swindon

Chloe McGill - ZERO Fault Pass

SAVING MONEY When Passing Your Test

How Much Can You Save?
The Driving Genie is delighted to announce a special agreement with local car dealership Fish Bros. (Toyota) When you pass your test with The Driving Genie. You will be presented with a special £500 promotional voucher which can be used at Fish Bros. (Toyota) in Swindon. This an amazing offer, can you afford not to join in?

Can You SAVE £500 On Lessons?

It's would be great if you could save money on your driving lessons, but as you have already figured cheap driving lessons don't cut the mustard.

With cheap driving lessons you may at best be able to save £50 or so with a special deal, but we are going to show you how you could save 10 times that amount.

1. The less time in between lessons the less you will forget. One our hours lessons that are 7 days apart could mean you having as many as an extra 10 lessons. Saving you £250-£300.
2. If you take a driving lesson every 3 to 4 days you will not require private practice. To insure a car for just 3 months, fuel it and cover for wear and tear it could cost you as much as £30 a week. Over three months that might set you back £400.

3. Follow our guide on how to pass your driving test first time and you'll be better off by £300 or so if you do not need that 2nd test. The cost of a second test and extra lessons is far from cheap.

So that's how you can save serious money on passing your driving test, all you need to do is pick up the phone and give us a call to get started,

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