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Beginner Lessons With The Driving Genie

Getting Your Driving Licence Has Never Been So Simple

So, you’re thinking about starting your driving lessons and feeling a bit anxious as to what will happen on your first lesson? If so, let me put your mind at rest by telling you what your first lesson will entail. Firstly, you will not be driving away from your house. So don’t worry about mum and dad peaking out the window to watch you drive away! Your instructor will drive you to the nearest suitable place. It will be a nice quiet road, so that you can concentrate on what you’re doing rather than worrying about oncoming cars! You will learn how to set up the car correctly and the safety aspects of driving, before you actually go anywhere. Then the fun starts! You’ll be moving the car off and stopping it. Don’t worry we will be talking you through every step of the way. All of our cars are dual controlled, which basically means we have our own brake and clutch. So if should you need any extra help, we’ll be able to step in and keep you safe. How this and future lessons progress is down to you. We will move you forward at a pace that suits you. We will never take you onto roads that you’re not ready for, but equally, zoom you through the learning process if you’re a fast learner! Hold tight, this is where your journey to independence begins…

We cater for both manual and automatic lessons. Get in contact to discuss your needs.

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