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Let’s be honest here for a moment, what are you really after?
Many people want to find cheap driving schools in Swindon because they cannot tell the difference between one school and another, how do you know who is good and who should you steer clear from?
You can’t tell and that is why you choose to go for a driving school £2 or £3 cheaper.

However we are going to show you how you could save £500.
Yes, we are serious, by following our guide you could save yourself £500 or more on passing your driving test and it is all about common sense.

This is how to do it, and there are 3 stages.

Passing your driving test first time can save you around £250 to £300. The cost is made up of extra lessons, a new test and hire of the car on the day. So how do you pass first time?

On every lesson and every skill you learn, you need to do the following points and we’ll get you into a routine so these are like 2nd nature, it is what the examiner is looking for.

1. To be in control of the car at all times
2. Always keeping to the Highway Code
3. You must have the right attitude to safe driving
4. To have the ability to pick out potential hazards and avoid them

Those simple 4 steps are what the examiner is looking for, so what we are going to do is program you to do this on autopilot! And that is how you pass your driving test.

Stage 2 can save you around another £250.
Remember when you were at school and you had one of those subjects with just one lesson a week, could you recall what you did in the last lesson? Nope! So the teacher spend a lot of time recapping and if you do that on a driving lesson it is costing you money. Imagine spending 30 minutes to recap to get back to the performance level you were at, it doesn’t leave you a lot of time to learn new things.

What you need to do is rather than take a lesson every week, try and get your lessons every 3 or 4 days. Using this method will result in retaining more knowledge, and wasting less time. Some people take a year to pass their driving test because their approach is all wrong and they waste a tonne of time, however our suggestion means fewer lessons overall.

Stage 3 is a spin-off from stage 2.
The DVSA state pupils need on average 47 hours to pass the test and another 20 hours of private practice. However if you are able to take a lesson every 3 to 4 days there is no need for private practice and you can make a huge saving.  Lets assume the cost of insuring a car in the family, fueling it and covering the cost of the serious wear and tear a learner driver can give to a car on the brakes, tyres, alloys and clutch etc, it could cost you £30 a week. Doesn’t seem  lot does it £30 a week, but project that over 3 months!
That’s £400, well the best part of.

So if you want cheap driving schools in Swindon to save money, a school £2 or so cheaper may be able to save you £80ish, but using our strategy you can save an awful lot more of your hard earned money. Phone us today to check for availability, we get booked up quickly.


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