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So, you’re thinking about becoming a Driving Instructor? You need to know what the job is about, how to train, what’s involved in that and what happens once you’re qualified. This page will give you a brief overview on that. If you still think it’s the career for you or have any questions please feel free to contact us for an informal no obligation chat.
Being a Driving Instructor can be a very rewarding job, both personally and financially. Whether you choose to work under a franchise to receive work and support for your business, or you choose to do it independently, you will be self-employed. You will be in charge of your own earnings and paying your own tax. If you need help with this, we have an accountant to take this stress away from you. The benefit to being self-employed of course, is working your own hours, therefore being in control of your own diary and your own earnings. Taking a holiday when you want, not missing out on anymore school plays or sports days! The flexibility is endless. We obviously want to look after our students too though! So would of course want you commit to a regular work schedule where possible. The Driving Genie will assist you in filling your chosen diary hours, but we will never insist on you working in areas you don’t wish to travel to, or give you more work than you wish to take on. The choice is all yours. Hourly rates for an Instructor vary area to area. But The Driving Genie have such a good reputation as we only take on the best Instructor’s, that we charge premium hourly rates and you receive 100% of that.
So, how do you qualify? There are 3 parts to becoming a driving Instructor, they are as follows:

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Part 1-Theory

This is very similar to the standard learner driver theory test. But, It is of course in more depth, has extra learning requirements and requires a higher pass rate. The Driving Genie uses a comprehensive theory package, that includes all of the DVSA theory training questions, learning modules and hazard perception practice clips. Therefore, giving you all of the information required to pass your test with ease. You can have as many attempts as you like at this part though!

Part 2-Driving Skills Test

This is a test of your driving capability. You need to be a skilled, alert and safe driver in order to teach others to be the same. At The Driving Genie, will provide 12 hours of intensive training to ensure your driving skills are the best that they can be, so you will sail through your test! The DVSA only allow 3 attempts at this test though, but we will ensure you’ve got all the tools and knowledge required before taking it.

Part 3-Teaching Ability

Here’s where the fun starts! Now you need to learn how to teach people safely and effectively to drive. The Driving Genie will give you 40 hours of IN CAR 1 TO 1 Training, with your own dedicated instructor trainer. It is important to have your training in the car practising what you are learning. You can’t do that at home or in a class room. Your training will include guiding you through how to teach each subject effectively, at different levels of coaching through role play. You will also sit in and observe real life lessons and once you are on a trainee licence (if you choose this option). Your trainer will sit in and observe the coaching skills that you have gained, on top of further 1 to 1 training. The trainee licence is applied for from the DVSA. This licence allows you to teach real life pupils, whilst you are under training. The DVSA state you MUST have completed the required 40 hours’ worth of training and had this signed off by your trainer in order to apply. Once you have received the trainee licence, the DVSA state that you MUST then complete a further 20 hours of training to ensure that you are coaching to the required standard. You do not have to take a trainee licence. This is your choice. But The Driving Genie strongly recommends that you do, in order to give you the best chance of passing your exam. You can just go straight to exam after completing the initial 40 hours. You only get 3 attempts at this exam also. So, receiving the correct training is paramount to your success. Here at The Driving Genie, your success is important to us. We have a vested interest in you not only passing your exams and qualifying, but being the best Instructor, you can be. We have an excellent reputation and we intend on keeping it that way! We want to be a school that you are proud to be a part of the team and we can only do that by having the best people on board.
Here at The Driving Genie, we don’t boast about having the cheapest courses (we don’t)! We also don’t offer gimmicks like guaranteed passes (there is no such thing) or your money back. We offer things that we believe are far more important. Like having a personal interest in giving you full support and caring whether or not you’re successful. Afterall, we want you to be part of our team, part of our success story. Would you rather have the knowledge that you’ll get your money back from a company that can afford to give it back to you? But still have just lost months doing your training and the potential of a new career. Or, have a company that personally invests in you? Does everything in its power to get you through?
Did you know that according to the DVSA figures last year, the percentage for pass rates for the part 3 was only in the 30’s? That’s not because the part 3 exam is difficult, it’s because the training courses out there aren’t up to standard. Most companies offer classroom training for part 3, or have 2 to 1 in car training sessions. Not many of them will offer the full 40 hours actually in car, and believe me, it’s needed to get you through! You don’t have to take my word for it either. Here at The Driving Genie, we’re so confident in our training and support programmes, that we’re happy for you to talk to any of our trainees, so you can get it from the horse’s mouth!!
So, whether you decide to come on board with us or not, please let me offer you this one piece of advice… Do your research on the companies you’re looking at. Get people’s opinions who are going through it with them. And don’t be sold by gimmicks. This is your career, your future. Invest your time and money wisely.

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