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Part Trained Driving Lessons With The Driving Genie

Getting Your Driving Licence Has Never Been So Simple

So, you’ve had a few lessons before? Either you didn’t feel that your current instructor was the right fit for you, or you had to give lessons a break for a while. You don’t need or want to go back to the beginning right? Or perhaps you’re not sure if actually you do need to? We will assess each person on individual merit here. So we’ll take you out for an assessment lesson. On this, we’ll look at where your current skill set sits, so then we’ll know where to start your learning journey with us. Please don’t worry about where you think you should be for the hours you’ve done. I get many learners come to me, apologising! Saying that they feel they should be better! The Driving Genie instructors are not here to judge you. We are here to make your learning journey safe and fun, ultimately turning you into a safe driver. Where you are in your journey now, is only relevant to us, so we know where to start your training. If you have a learning journey chart/progress card from your previous instructor, please bring that along with you.

We cater for both manual and automatic lessons, get in contact to discuss your needs.
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