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The Driving Genie Team Testimonials


Mark - Sunderland

“I started my Driving Instructor training journey with another Driving School, who are Nationwide. I found there to be very little in the way of support. I’d heard that The Driving Genie were doing great things, so I spoke to their trainer, Jamie, at great lengths about my training. After that, I decided to make the switch and I couldn’t be happier! Vikki and the team are always happy to help and advise, they are very personable. With the great reputation The Driving Genie has, I feel privileged to be a part of this high performing school.”

Ross - Swindon

“ I decided to join The Driving Genie for my Instructor training, as they were the most upfront and transparent company. I’ve completed my training at a really fast pace, as I wanted to qualify asap. My trainer Jamie always took it at a pace that worked for me, without me feeling under any added pressure. Vikki occasionally sat in on my training sessions, to ensure everything was running to plan. Both her and Jamie are always available to answer any questions about my training, or when I started teaching, to give extra support. I’ve been given all the right tools to be a great Instructor, but always been encouraged to develop my own teaching style. My diary is always full and I’ve always felt encouraged and supported throughout.”

Jamie - Swindon

“I’ve been a Driving Instructor for over 9 years, and ran as an independent school for most of those. I wanted to become part of a team and I knew of The Driving Genie and had heard great things about them. I was travelling quite long distances for many of my lessons and also wanted to stay more local. The Driving Genie have kept my diary full and all within my local area. The team are great and we quite often meet up, swap ideas and generally have some fun! I get much more instructor training work now too, and I love the mix of learners and PDI’s (Potential Driving Instructors) as it gives me variation and sense of satisfaction. I definitely made the right decision and would recommend The Driving Genie to anyone wanting to join a supportive forward-thinking school.”

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